May 3, 2015
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2015 – 2017 Building Representative Election Results

 Here are the election results from each building.  The person with the most votes is the Head Building Rep as of July 1, 2015.  If for any reason, they can not fulfill the duties or do not wish to, the Head Building Rep is the person with the next most votes.  These are two year terms and are for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school year.  Any questions, please contact your current Head Building Rep.  Thank you!
East Brunswick Building Rep. # of votes
Sonny Paprota 27
Vicky Pinilis 21
Tim Anthony 17
Mike Roth 14
Carl Jordan 8
Jen Moir 2
Jay Adochio 1
Cleo Mack 1
Dave Williams 1
Margaret Zajac 1
Kathy Canning 1
Academy – Edison Building Rep. # of votes
Ursula Vanwart 16
Isabella DaSilva 13
Chris Price 1
Wally Smith 1
Perth Amboy Building Rep. # of votes
Mike Hamill 24
Jim Rand 24
Academy – Woodbridge Building Rep. # of votes
Kathy Wilhelmy 7
Linda Rozner 5
Jennifer Frank 2
Piscataway Building Rep. # of votes
Kevin Harper 36
Jan Galbraith 33 – Alternate
Sean Gorman 32
Ray Moose 27
Mindy Cash 26
Joe Leonardis 26
Sandy Tinsman 1
Lori Miller 1
Gene Gugliotta 1

August 23, 2014
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Welcome New Teachers!

 Welcome to MCVEA!!  


Your Executive Officers are:

Frank Paprota, President

Kathleen Canning, First Vice President

Paul Hankins, Second Vice President

Jacqueline Treadwell, Secretary

Katie Elko, Treasurer



Your head building representatives are as follows:

Academy in Edison:  Ursula VanWart

East Brunswick:  Tom Massarelli

Perth Amboy:  Mike Hamill

Piscataway:  Ray Moose

Woodbridge Academy:  Kathy Wilhelmy

July 29, 2013
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Election Results for 2013 – 2015 Representative’s Term

Building Name
Academy – Edison
Isabelle DaSilva (head) 14 votes
Rosemary Simmons (alt.) 14 votes
Ursula Vanwart (alt.) 13 votes
Academy – Woodbridge
Kathy Wilhelmy (head) 18 votes
Marie Bowen (alt.) 12 votes
Linda Rozner (alt.) 4 votes
Lisa Ferrier (alt.) 2 votes
East Brunswick
Tom Massarelli (head) 44 votes
Kristen Schmid 28 votes
Vicky Pinilis 25 votes
Susan Pinkowitz 20 votes
Tim Anthony 15 votes
Jennifer Moir (alt.) 2 votes
Sonny Paprota (alt.) 2 votes
Jim Hauck (alt.) 1 vote
Ray Moose (head) 42 votes
Debbie Hariton 30 votes
Joe Leonardis 30 votes
Sean Gorman 32 votes
Don Surowitch 1 vote
Janice Galbraith (alt.) 1 vote
Perth Amboy
Mike Hamill (head) 12 votes
Jin Rand 12 votes