Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back, Members!  To all the new members of our district, welcome!  We hope you all will join us for our Rep Council Meetings held monthly.  Generally, they are the fourth Tuesday of every month but if there is no school, it gets moved to the third.  All dates are listed on the Calendar found on this website.  The locations will be updated as they are decided upon.

We hope this will be a great year.  There are a lot of new things coming about in our district.  Technology is being updated on several campuses, we have been included in a pilot program for the new teacher evaluation system, some campuses will receive security upgrades, and lesson plans will be able to be written in Genesis!  The Keeping Learning on Track (KLT) program will continue in order to increase student achievement and as a format for running our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  All of these things will enhance all of our teaching practices and aid everyone’s number one goal:  Increasing student achievement.

You can be sure that your local association is watching and involved to ensure that none of your contractual rights are ever violated.  If you have an issue, please see your head building representative listed here.  If they are unavailable, feel free to contact any of the officers.

Best of luck for the 2012 – 2013 school year!

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